Sweaty Gonzales

Future Mins Award at Smart Urban Stage

Last Thursday the days of the Smart Urban Stage came to an end with the award ceremony of the Future Minds Award. My instincts to choose the Food Parcours project for my guest post at the Smart Urban Blog was pretty good I think. The jury seemed equally enthusiastic about the concept of urban farming as they chose The Prinzessinnen Gärten as the winner of the competition. Read more about that here.

To make the event a very special highlight the organiziers invitied Chilly Gonzales to play some tunes at the piano. Just recently I saw this musical genious in Peaches Christ Superstar. But now I was even more impressed seeing him play right in front of me. He stunned the audience with his improvisations, gave a little music lesson and forced an unwilling guest to play while he was rapping. As Thursday was one of the hottest days in this summer he the sweat was dropping from every single lock of his curly head. But as one bystander wanted to help him out with a towel he just threw it right away saying he prefers for people to see when an artist makes a hell of an effort. More impressions of a hot night with dripping sweat, flowey summer dresses and pretty girls.

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