Berlin is for sure not Gotham City! And we don’t need Batman to survive the hostile everyday routine. But sometimes there are dangers you would never expect and then they are there for you: Your personal heroes. My personal heroes in the last couple of month were my friends. Like Clark Kent they are  not the most outshining people if you don’t take the time to look closer. Perhaps they might even look childish or crazy to some snobbish Berlin hipsters. But I am privileged to know that they have the most incredible special abilities and in my eyes they are stronger than Superman, sexier than Catwoman, and faster than the Flash. I will never be ashamed of them and don’t care that they like to wear cheap Dolce and Gabbana fakes or have the hairstyle of Elvis Presley. For me they are the coolest, hippest and most fun people to hang out with. That’s why I wanted to take the time to thank them here for saving my ass so many times. I am sure that one day we will be a cool rock band, a crazy dance crew, and finally save the world together.

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