The Anti-Fashion Week


Marlene Haring

I told you already that things are getting hot in town. The fashionistas are filing their claws for the upcoming fashion week. Since I am always kind of unprepared for this kind of event I often realize that I miss some critical point of view here in the German fashion circus. Why for example didn’t any designer protest when the Senat decided that the tent has to move because fashion is not a form of art or culture and that’s why it shouldn’t be over the memorial stone of the Nazis burning the books. Perhaps because the fashion industry is more industrial than cultural even from the designers point of view. In the art world on the other hand there are strong voices that critizise the fashion industry for producing false believes about self-image and beauty. Little by little I want to present to you some of these artists, so that this time we might think about Fashion Week a little less industry-related but as an opportunity to discuss different oppinions of our personal aesthetic. Above you see the artwork of Marlene Haring: Because every Hair is different.

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