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photo: Katja Hentschel

As some of you might know we off-of iHeartBerlin have our busy little hands in many pots. One of the by-products of this modest little blog is the .HBC Couture: Designer Scouts fashion show that takes place for the second time during Berlin Fashion Week this coming Thursday at 19h at our beloved .HBC. It has been mad for me in the last couple of weeks putting everything together so CR and Suz will be more active on the blog while I will be running aroung hysterically screaming “Lights, models, guestlist… just do you best, darling!”

To be honest, I’m super excited about the new show. Not only have we renowned Berlin-based designers adddress and Esther Perbandt in our program, we also have a fantastic line-up of 7 young designers and start-up labels, that are showing their runway debuts and new collections. The fashion show itself is a closed event for press and fashion professionals, but we have 2×2 tickets to win for our readers after the jump. Also we are inviting everyone to the official public After Show Party that will start right after the show at 22:30h at .HBC.

After the jump you will see the teaser trailer to the event (made by no other than Katja off-of Glamcanyon-fame), a preview of all our designers and what else they are up to during Fashion Week, and you’ll get all the details for the raffle and party.

To win 2×2 tickets you have to do four easy things: Press the “Like” button on the iHeartBerlin.de Facebook page and the Designer Scouts Facebook page, join our Facebook group and leave a comment in this thread to take part in the raffle (if you only comment and don’t Like the pages and join the group, you can’t win). Good luck!


photo: Magnus Reed

Esther Perbandt is likely the most anticipated designer of the show. She is one of our local avant-garde heroes of the fashion world and her clothes are being sold world-wide. I met her the first time at an interview with BerlinFashion.TV which will air later this week. She is a really cool character and her style is absolutely amazing. We used one of her dresses from her new SS11 collection for the teaser trailer with our model Rosa from Izaio. Her new collection is also shows at the Collect Showroom during Berlin Fashion Week. You can also drop by her store at Amlstadtstr. 3.


I first met Andreea from adddress in person when I borrowed some clothes from her for the interview with BerlinFashion.TV. She was actually the first designer of this season’s line-up and it’s a pleasure working with her. Her view on the fashion industry and all the Fashion Week madness is pretty laid-back which is something I really appriciate about her. She is not only opening our show, it’s also the debut of her brand new menswear line. During fashion week she will have a showroom in her shop at Weinmeisterstr. 12-14.


photos: Frank Mertens

Moga E Mago is a brand new label from Berlin that makes very excentric accessories. I’m really excited to have them in the line-up. They landed their by accident. One day the called me to invite me to their store opening during Fashion Week and if I would like to feature it on iHeart. Little did they expect that they would become a part of our line-up with this call only minutes later. They will celebrate the launch of their label with a store opening during Weddingdress 5 at Brunnenstr. 65.


photo: BeneB and LeifM

Christine Neder is a young designer who will present her amazing wig collection in a performance in between the runway shows. She is not only a fashion designer but also a journalist and blogger. On her blog she recently did an interview with the band The Von Duesz who will play at the Premium trade show during the upcoming Fashion Week. See their brand new video below.


photo: Andreas Waldschütz

George Bezhanishvili is one of the designer I am most looking forward to see. Probably because he is the one menswear-only designers we have in the show. He is still in the midst of his education, but already managed to impress the public and press with his work.


photo: Julischka Stengele



photo: Philipp Wilhelmer

The labels Mikenke and Blame, as well as the designer Manuela Baumgartner will celebrate the launch of their labels with their first runway show in our program. I’m really proud and happy to give these promising young designers a platform to show their collections to a wide audience.


The evening will be closed by the label Elleven from New York who will present her work in Germany for the first time in a collaborative presentation with a design studio that will underline her runway show with an underwater-like projection.

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