The naughtiest City

Subject60 Party

A few weeks ago we were at the Subject60 party hosted by Lykke Li and Facehunter to celebrate the launch of the new Volvo S60. It was quite a cool party with concerts by Lykke Li, a karaoke car and lots of drinks. Little did we know that this party was nothing more then a psychological test to find out which city in Europe has the naughtiest inhabitants. Find out more about the test and its results in a short film documenting all five Subject60 parties that took place in Berlin, London, Paris, Milan and Madrid after the jump.

So, Paris is the naughtiest city? Are you fucking kidding me? They will march over a bed of flowers to get a drink, they will hit on a woman who is obviously married, they will try to talk themselves into VIP areas they were not invited into. And who knows what else they will do to missbehave at a party. Clearly, they are not the naughtiest inhabitants, but the rudest!

And what does our iHeartBerlin psychologist C.R. have to say to this?

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