Melt vs Berlin vs Antaris


by Zzdarlight

Could it be any hotter? So what’s up during a weekend like this, melting away at Melt or The Antaris or staying and melting in Berlin? Like every year we provide the alternative partyguide to Melt right after the jump:


Closing of Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery only to reopen nearby in October. There is always a reason to celebrate, this time it is the ‘last’ Bordel Des Arts, at least until October! With arts and music and people watching, 2 Euro!

Relaxed Disco music with Tropico Disco at Bar 25 with Emil Doesn’t Drive, Damon, Tamara and more from 5 pm – 3€, from 9 pm – 5€.


If you’re brave enough to climb down into the cellar of horror at Enklave, I guarantee weirdo meetings and funny tourists as well as fun music and people. Watch your head when climbing up again, someone could step on it and ruin your hairdo!

The people working there are not the friendliest, but the Badeschiff might not be the worst idea in the heat of the night. Axel Bartsch, pretty Cinthie as well as Chopstick and Jonjon are playing, the pool is open until 3 am, so why not.


Antaris-Project, one of the most famous goa festivals 100 km/h from Berlin started on Thursday. Tonight it’s the main night with wonderful decoration, laughing and dancing!

Arty Fun Sessions at Falckensteinstrasse 48 with video installation, performance, installation and a live concert as well as a dj set.

To visit open air parties there is no need to go to Melt! Renate provides a daytime open air!  Oben Ohne at the beach of the old fabric Rummelsburg, Rummelsburger Landstraße 2-12!

Party at Kleine Reise, Spreewaldplatz, withTom Trago, Robin Van der Kaa and Patrick Reddy. Free beofore midnight!


And the Oben Ohne party continues at Rummelsburg, same as Saturday, this time as an after hour. Think of drinking enough water, dude!

At Jacki Terrasse Tyree Cooper and Bobby Starrr are playing as well as Hold Tight Soundsystem plus Gene Siewing, from 17 pm.






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