Carni – Ace of Diamonds

Carni - Ace of Diamonds

photos: Katja Hentschel

For quite a while now I have been longing for a creative project that is not related to a computer screen and that lets me use my hands in a way I haven’t used them in a while. As with many things one moment or one little detail can inspire you so much that your head suddenly explodes with ideas, just like I was inspired when I was watching a runway show at Madrid Fashion Week last year and saw this really cool acrylic necklace. It was the first time I actually saw a piece of jewellery made of acrylic that was not just a piece of plastic hanging on a silver ball chain but something way more unconventional und interesting then that. That was exactly the moment when I decided to create something myself.

Many sketches, night shifts, burned ends of cords and moments of dizziness from too much glue later I had put together a small collection of accessories and jewellery. I named them Carni – a term that derives from Carnivale. The main attraction of the collection is an interpretation of the harness. Instead of thick leather, studs and metal rings I used cords, strings of Swarovski beads, soft leather and silver chains that hang loosely around the body. A range of necklaces and bracelets round up the whole collection which is available now online here and in Berlin at the JB Space at Torstr. 230. After the jump you’ll find a collection video and more photos all made by the talented Katja Hentschel.

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Thank you to my wonderful models Rosa (Izaio) and Franco, as well as to Simon Henn (MU Berlin) for Hair&Make-up, Paul and Steffy for their great help and of course Katja Hentschel for her awesome photos and video.

Some late public thank yous for the show in January go to Sarah who helped me so much, Mercedes and Simone for running my show, and all my models. And also thanks to Filipe for being my first official model 🙂

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