Celebration of a party column!



Iheartberlin turns three and my participation here one and a half years. One and a half years of weekly headaches, always thinking of  bringing the most joy and pleasure to our readers, hard working people who just want to have fun on the weekends. Well, sometimes also during the week. And some of you all the time. There are tons of parties that could be mentioned, but this column is not intended to give you an overview of all the parties in this town. We are not Tip or Zitty aren’t we! But an idea of the most promising and interesting ones.  They can be stylish or not, massive or small, the criterias change all the time and depend on my monthly cycle. Enough bubbling, parties after the jump:


Toga Flashmob! Honestly, can it get any better? I’d go if I could, but we got Iheartberlin birthday dinner and I better be there I guess..But you guys can go to Museum Island dressed in a toga (light-coloured fabrics preferred) to join a convention of the ancient Greek gods. Storming the Pergamon to follow (Ooops, it’s an exhert of the press text). Meeting for wine and grapes at 7pm in the Lustgarten. Procession to Pergamon at 7:30pm.

Reverse at Jacki Terrasse in & out, Deep / Tech House & Techno with Humantronic, Jerando, Moog Conspiracy and Manjana.


Dinky from Chile plays at Edelweiss, moreover White Night Djs Harry Leath and Oliver Eglin and more. Entry is 7€, Görlitzerstr. 1-3.

The Soju Bar has a regular Friday Night with Salto Mortale and Emil Doesn’t Drive. It’s next to Kimchii Princess.


Hanfparade! Legalize Cannabis, that is what they want and they need support at one o’ clock at the Fernsehturm! Yes Iam quite sure you will find someone sharing his or her joint with you. No they won’t arrest you straight away, you embarrassing something of a tourist.

Wrong Era at Kleine Reise, a old bathhouse turned basement club directly at Spreewaldplatz. This Saturday with Emil Doesn’t Drive, Spacelex and Dsb.

Highgrade at Panorama Bar with Todd Bodine, Mike Shannon and Tom Clark. Technoooo!

Hip Hop Don’t Stop at Tube Station with Mesh, Jumpy and San Gabriel. Amazing how this hip hop party survived the change from dirty Tape to clean Tube Station!


Berlin Beach Break at Strandbad Grünau with Ritchie Hawtin, Magda and Ostgut-fellow Andre Galluzzi starting at 10 a.m. on Sunday and hopefully nice weather.








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