I Am Bounty


The Iamamiwhoami videos have been following me and keeping me excited now since January. It all began with a series of six mysteriously dark teaser videos and then led over to full length music videos all telling the story of a Mandrake girl.

Two days ago the 7th (and what is suspected to be the final) music video has been released. It is the longest and most epic one bringing the whole story to an end but not without leaving a little hint of what will happen after. The letters of the names of the videos have now formed the word Bounty which might be the name of a release. But there still has been no word from Jonna Lee, the artist behind it, of what is going to happen now. Is there gonna be an album? More videos? An explanation? Nobody really knows. And that seems to be kind of the intention of the artist. Not giving the viewer anything else then the videos themselves.

I personally love all the videos and the songs, N being my favorite. This must be the most inspiring and creative music project that I have ever come across. So few musicians actually use their music videos as a way to tell a story. Jonna obviously seems to enjoy playing this mental creature of nature running around naked in the woods. And I salute her for that. Why would craziness only be reserved for Lady Gaga, right?

What I do find a bit disappointing is, that they haven’t done much to keep the audience busy in between the releases of the videos. It wouldn’t have been much of an effort to spread some clues and riddles in the blogosphere and forums which is what normally happens in viral campaigns. I think it’s just more fun to speculate and guess and to chew on something while waiting for the next awesome video to arrive. And also it seems to me, that there has been a build up of so many little details that they never really got back to which is a bit of a waste. There were tons of opportunities to get people’s heads spinning and most importantly: get them involved.

After the jump you’ll see the latest videos as well as another series of viral videos for another musician of a totally different nature.

Now if you like mystery and weirdness as a trigger to make you curious, what would you think of humor? Earlier this year a viral video started to spread that turned out to be a promotion for actress turned musician Laura Bell Bundy. Her pop-country music is not exactly my thing but I find her impersonations of hair salon owner Shocantell Brown, amateur private detective Justice Goode, Russian waxer Tatiana and quirky old TV host Euneeda Bisquit quite amusing.

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