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photo: Arne Grugel

In the past years, Robosonic have been building a reputation for producing multidimensional electronic music with their debut album Sturm und Drang (2007). Besides their productions, Robosonic are notorious for their DJ performances. They also host a podcast show called Berlin Kreuzberg Institut [BKI], which features live sets by artists such as Anja Schneider, Stephan Bodzin, Zombie Disco Squad and Dapayk.

We talked with Roboonic about songs of – among others – Michael Jackson, 2Pax and Damian Lazaraus, additionally you can explore some Ska and Soul jewels.

Lord Tanamo- I’m In The Mood for Ska

This sounds like a certain time in Bruxelles. Smoking with Francois listening to Plastikman, Cypress Hill and even Skatalites.

I am definitely “in the mood for love”! For me that pure form of Ska is some kind of unexplored land. Well, back then I did some scratching for a band of friends called Sputnik. They played a mixture of funk, ska and hardcore. Talented people, a funny bunch and a weird constellation. Hits from the bong. The sax player finally was on the Robosonic album. By the way it is not the girl in the Sprachfehler-Video, he is male and goes by the name of Speck Wildhorse.
Whatever, the band was cool, but I think the masses weren’t ready for the raps with its plain policital radicalism. Reported with a strong Polish accent and the often repeated mantra : “ska, ska, ska, ska, ska…”

Damian Lazarus – Moment

Nice tune on Get Physical. A little depressing but still beautiful. I wonder what made him create this vibe. Sounds like a cold season. Not really in accord with the actual sunny temperature.

Last year we picked this one out of the loads of promo mp3 we receive. We played it in the 9th episode of our BKI-podcast… The tune that would follow in the mix is a weird Dubstep type of track we produced with Christian Martin of Dirtybird. Called MILF, unsigned hype.

2Pac & Snoop Dogg – 2 of americaz most wanted

It’s a motherfucking (!) gangster party. Never listen to radio edited swearword free rap music.
This G-Funk reminds me of cruising in a Peugeot 205 without any bass.
Recently we’ve been in the studio searching for some G-Funk classics. I think this one was among…

I got love for storytelling, hood representing and all of that. Snoop and Pac are not exactly representing our recent lifestyle in the video, but this song is a classic! 2Pac has a funny flow, always makes me laugh. Well, when it comes to dead rappers I prefer Big L! What a pity they all got shot. Well Snoop is still alive, having nothing but a gangsta party…

Michael Jackson – Dangerous

God himself on the dance floor. Plus best snare ever.

Hehe, for sure. Damn, I was practicing MJ playback with a hairbrush when I was six. Corny but true story. The day he passed away we were preparing for our 3h-Set at Fusion Festival. People wrote us messages to tell us so we would probably pay homage musically.  Finally we decided not to do no half-baked one like just playing a song or a remix. This crazy French ARK played a confusing but very beautiful homage on the same stage the night after we played. I wish I could hear it again. If somebody taped it, pleeeaase.

SUPER700 – Here Goes The Man

Beautiful voice when she sings. Sounds Scandinavian somehow. I don’t know. Sounds like very personal music. The synth is a confusing element.

Well, we know people that know these people. Didn’t get the lyrical context, but being “Free like a bird” sounds good.
Highly emotional, sweet moments, also a little depressing. I also don’t really know. Would not actually listen to it. But if you like it, you will love it I guess.

Vickie Anderson – You’re Welcome, Stop On By

I (heart) soul music. Love it. Classics. Al Green, some Barry White, Nina Simone. Tear jerker. You might hear it in our latest production work. Funny inspiration was that movie “rollbounce”. Rollerskate disco, NYC in the 70s, momentous encounter with “the sweeeeetness”.

So we would sample some slices of musical sweetness rearranging it into our form of hi-tech soul. Not yet released but we already play it at our gigs. Soul brothers & sisters, you`re welcome. Stop on by!

The Highlighters Band – The Funky 16 Corners

For me this feels like Scotland, motherfunk party back in the days, when I also started my first improvised clubnight with close friends. There were DJs for Drum’n’Bass, Ninja Tune electronica, funk and me playing house music for just a bunch of people.

Funk for me feels like playing the guitar back then when I was 15. After learning on my own for quite a while I was keen to learn about Jazz harmonics and funky grooves with my gifted teacher Mirko. Unfortunately he was deeply into heavy metal music. So many lessons would end in Kirk Hammet type tapping soli. I finally quit with him and could afford me a cheap DJ turntable. This one (and later a second one!) helped to discover some secret ingrediences of funk which is… probably located outside of heavy metal…in the other funky 16 corners.

Coyu & Edu Imbernon – El baile alemán (Original mix)

“einfach!?! weisst du?!” Simple, you know?! This is DJ friendly and functional dance music. Good producers, I like their production style. These layers of bass, impulsive arrangement with nice drops.

I think we played that track a couple of times. I actually don’t like this one too much, but it also works to bridge some moment in a set. For me it’s a good sounding character tune, but without being very exciting. That’s maybe why it was played a lot by many DJs.

Gianni Vitiello – Intermixture

Rest in peace, Gianni!
This man played so many many DJ gigs around. He seemed to be always everywhere and now is on the way to become some kind of Berlin rave underground legend. We played together a couple of times, last time was maybe with Ben Klock at Ballhaus?!

As far as I know his story I would say it’s a special chapter of rock’n’roll! Anyway he was an important turntable entertainer for so many people, he had a big following. Shock, big emotions and intense reactions after he passed away. A sad memorial. But Gianni delivered loads of good energy, rocked the crowd and went on…

Robosonic @ Fusion 2009 Turmbühne

This was our Fusion Festival upgrade after 3 years of playing at Seebühne. Which is a nice place to be, but actually Turmbühne is the biggest drum to hit. Funktion One sound system, fridge size monitor speakers like Heavy Metal drummers would need. Damn.

Getting to the festival was a real hassle, our plannings the days before went wrong every 2 hours. That included complicated, indecisive women, a car breakdown, a crazy lack of sleep and all of that…even Michael Jackson died that day. Then things went better. Finally we got a very quick cold shower and breakfast, lucky weather and a whole lotta love from the audience. This festival is my personal Woodstock. So now we have it all on tape for the next generations.

If you missed the set this year, it’s also here for download… some more dance entertainment for junkies and joggers. Made and performed for beautiful, peaceful people!

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