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Tigeresse! (Saturday at Last Days)

No Love Parade, but a Fuck Parade this weekend. Last Days takes place in Kreuzberg with Last Days of Take That, yeeeha and we have free tickets for Death By Pop! More after the jump:


The incident at Jacki Terasse with djs Hunee, Finn Johannsen, Iljuscha and more!

Another one of Beaner’s Backyard barbeques at Bar 25. Bring wurst and meat and listen to sounds of Jon Choi, Agaric and Ed Davenport from 5 pm.

Funny biking environment action. What? Meet in front of Bar 25, bring your bike and go to a secret location to have a little party, a party with a cause even. It’s about climate change and presenting ideas of how to produce energy without electricity. Oh yes, someone will have to keep the bikes moving in order to supply you with dancing music.


Death By Pop at BangBang Club with Eddie Argos  from Art Brut and Dyan from The Blood Arm with a dj set as their new band Everybody was in the french resistance ! Win tickets by joining our Facebook group and leaving a comment there!

Hot Boxx with Tamara of the Moustache Mamas and Afria tonight at Kleine Reise, the small club with aircondition.


Last Days is back, this time in a new location in Kreuzberg. And because Robbie has just married Miss Ayda Field and therefore has become as boring as his former-and-now-again bandmates of Take That, we gonna celebrate the last days of THE 90s boyband Take That. Adieu, we really think you used to be hot guys, 15 years ago though. Apart from joy bringing Last Day’s residents Sophie and prince of gay Christoph, dandy Heldenbrand who is famous for his Rafgier parties will be playing as well as the sexy bad girls of Tigeresse, both musicians and artists who know how to have a colourful and unique party with electronic, guitar, pop, wave, old and new music and who claim to have taken every drug on earth. And dress like boyband, somehow, folks!

Fuck Parade! Establishment is bad and if you think the same, join the Fuckparade, the new old loveparade, only with a good portion of hate! If you want to listen to the sound that was played in Berlin’s good old techno times, I mean, the really old ones, come to Leipziger Platz in the early afternoon. Gabba rules!

Bitch Control Showcase with Ellen Alien and her crowd at Berghain!





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