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Fashion Picknick

On Saturday we went to a beautiful picnic on the peninsula Alt Stralau.  There we got ourselves acquainted with the new Lands’ End Canvas collection. We could even take two pieces from the collection in exchange for old stuff and mispurchases. I myself have never been so far to the peninsula Altstralau and can recommend the place for beautiful shore walks and a visit to the park. For the more romantic boys and girls there are also small rowing boats for hire. More photographic impressions, information on how to reach the peninsula and how you can win pieces of the canvas collection after the jump.

Lands’ End Canvas has hidden parts of the new collection in Berlin that you can track the following week. To get the some infos on the hiding place you have to register on the Facebook page of Canvas. For an invitation to the picnic or other events in other German cities like Munich and Hamburg, you should also be part of the page. If you are interested in knowing when the online shop ist going on air you should subscribe to the newsletter.

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