Partyguide for Fools


Scout Wölfli (Saturday at backyard)

Meanwhile even the last fool has given up hope for a return of summer and got used to the fact that parties take place inside-again. However, fool’s choice is yours-a delicate menue I shall prepare after the jump:


Bananamania at Jacki Terasse with Emil Doesn’t Drive, Joey Hansome and Los Massieras, the new very spanish project of Hugo Capablanca and David Ducarouge. Satch Hoyd playing that percussion instrument I can’t name is clearly the center of attention and I guess he used to be a ladykiller deluxe, back then I mean!

Okay, Cookies is an old hat, but Last Day’s mascot Engtanzkavalier is playing wild indie with his project Junge, Mädchen, Wodka in the small room tonight!

Plateau Repas live at Bassy Club!


Frank’s favourite party Arm&Sexy has to and will take place without him this Friday at Shake!, that tent at Ostbahnhof, you know!


Yay, the backyard gallery near the infamous pool opens for a Multikulti-Horrorshow and One Year Love&Trash. Freak out in the light of nasty headscarfs, strange behaviour, broken German and other Multikulti  evelish personifications and music by M.e.s.h. from California, homophile Scout Wölfli from former PnP and acts like Antti Hilja from Helsinki and Foufoukoh from outlandish Paris! You need a visa to get in, but we are giving away a green card, just leave a comment on our Facebook grouppage!

Erobique live at Horst Kreuzberg!

Stricken at Jacki’s Terrasse. Check it out, it starts during the day and it’s free!

Granaten Renaten with Kinder Vom Bahnhof Sklo (hahahaha, peeing pants), Bachstelzen David Dorad and Matchbox!


Welt In Scheiben, Disco and House outdoor and indoor with Paramida, Delfonic, Welt in Scheiben at Jacki Terrasse!




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