So so Party..


Cheers Chris

A rocky weekend with numerous parties that couldn’t be more different, like a support Tacheles party, some afro beats, posh Tausend Bar, gay bears and even a Roller Disco, tss. Take a look after the jump:


Sven Vt from B(b)itch Control with Henriette House at The Renate!

Unseparable is Berlin gay life and cuddly bears longing for love, yummie. Gaypop horny with the Pet Shop Bears and Dj Rolex with Bonnie in the Kantine, Berghain. It’s so hairy, yiikes!

Quite hard tobaco at This is Golden Gate with B.i.s.c.a.t.e., Agaric and Tave Turov!


A party created by the four horsemen Emil Doesn’t Drive, Cheers Chris, Hunnee and Nomad named Vulkan Dance taking place in Wedding across the street of The Stattbad with Nomad and Cheers Chris playing, afro and disco sounds for you guys!

Well, this is something new, Crazy Legs Roller Disco at Tape Club. A real roller disco with Dj Snax and Dicky Doo, you can rent rollers there or bring your own for reduced admission!

The Tacheles being a synonyme for free spirit and art, has always been strongly connected to the techno scene, due to numerous parties back in these glorious nineties  (so so exciting, you wouldn’t even dream of). To save our loved Tacheles from turning into just another bank house or something, the original initiator of the Love Parade Motte, called his friends from the early years such as Namito, Ed 2000, funny Hardy Hard and from newer years Cinthie and the like to have a party in order to collect some money for the lawers trying to save the house. If the gentle entry of 3 Euro is going to get them any further depends on many of you guys going there!

Noir at Bar Tausend with Die Boys and Okay&Okay!


Porzellan, the new album from Fotos has been published. I heard it’s even better than the one before, amazing. There is a concert of these talented german indie-rock cuties at Roter Salon on Sunday evening and I bet you’ll be out of order when they play ‘Giganten’.

Bar 25 is closed, but you can still get electronic beats by the water on a Sunday at Jacki Terasse and I love Sunday!






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