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After having moved to Berlin, Mutlu soon established himself as one of the DJs in clubs like Arena Club, Watergate and Bar25, of which he has been a long-year-resident until the very end. Everyone who witnessed one of Mutlu’s sets knows: groove is everything and genre boundaries don’t count at all.

This spring, he released his debut on Formatik Records, which was just a further step towards climbing the house music olymp. And yes, if you have wondered about this too – Mutlu, that is his real name. Featuring music by – among others – Pixies, The xx, Ramones, Rancid and Mutlu after the jump.

Pixies – Where Is My Mind

I guess most people didn’t know this song at all before “Fight Club”. Then, around the Millenium, it was yowled on every dancefloor in every Crossover-Rock-Disco far and wide (just to then subsequently quote the rules of Fight Club at the bar or pick a fight spontaneously). I wonder how many people since then claim it to be “their song”? But what I like most is the User-Comment below: “I thought Placebo wrote this music:”

Specials – A Message To You Rudy

Amazing, how timelessly beautiful this song is. Of course, it was a must-play in my first days as a Punkrock-DJ in the legendary Glashaus-Club on the Campus in Bayreuth, when the dancefloor started to be totally run down at 5 AM and the last souls could only be motivated with songs you could chant accident-free on 11 pints. Conveniently, you could not even fall over, because everyone was lying in each other’s arms.

Super700 – Tango

Back in the days we also promoted lots of concerts in Bayreuth, and Super 700 also played there. But that was already the time when the Techno-pull had me entirely under control and I simply didn’t have the time or was even feeling like caring for the next big Indie-thing over and over again. These bands that seemed to be sprouting like road holes in Berlin all appeared like a copy of a copy of….well, somehow I am lacking access to this, the music is said to be emotional, but it doesn´t touch.

The xx – Islands

Wonderful, how the song seems to be taking breaths again and again and harmonizes perfectly with the Deja-vu-video. Unagitated, uncomplicated, yet transporting so much at the same time. That’s the way modern music has to go.

GMZ ft. Sido & B!Tight – MV

Respect. Humourless like Maggie Thatcher and at the same time as funny as “Sesame Street”. Dope.

The Ramones – Rock ‘N’ Roll High School

Ah, the cover-version of “Hurra, hurra, die Schule brennt!”. The anarchy-aspect in the video is kind of a funny thing, at least in terms of the archconservative attitudes of Johnny. The Ramones are also one of these perfect examples for a song-dilemma that every DJ knows. Everyone wants to hear it, it will burn down the dancefloor, you even like it yourself….but somehow it is way too trite and cheap to play it. With songs like “Rock ‘n’ Roll Highschool” the DJ could at least send out a little signal to all nerds in the room, just like: “Hey, I know, Ramones, but at least not “Blitzkrieg Bop”, huh?” Didn’t quite hit the dancefloor in the same way though, of course.

Rancid – Disorder And Disarray

“…And Out Come The Wolves” is probably one of the best Punkrock-Albums ever released. The ignorant and self-evident way in which the maybe catchiest and at the same time dirtiest Punk-Tunes have been snot down here is unmatched in my opinion. And of course also an all-time-sure-shot for the DJ. When listening to songs like “Ruby Soho”, my fist still rushes towards the sky in a knee-jerk reaction.

Stimming – Sunday Morning

My favourite track of this album. An epic break like this certainly has not been dissolved that smoothly too often. Sunrise-music. But I am sure you rather wanted to hear something about Bar25 anyway, didn’t you?

Jakob Hilden – Glamouflage

Jakob, the Terminator among the producers. And I don’t mean one of these lame 80’s-Arnie-end-of-range-models, but one of the new ones, that are capable of everything. The track beats the living daylight out of every club, even if the vocals are not that fresh anymore.

Sell vs. Mutlu – Lakonia (Original Mix)

My first released track together with Franziskus Sell on Formatik Records. The Format:B impact is unmistakable, that is clearly his handwriting. Yet the experience gained as the Co-Producer of someone like Franz is incredibly valuable. Nevertheless, my solo-productions are likely to take a slightly different way.

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