Black Arty fucked party guide!


kid sister

Oh please stop moaning about Bar 25’s closure. You really think you have been part of some family thing because you went to Bar 25? Oh come on, this year everyone managed to get in, even clowns like you. Don’t bother me with your dreadful search for the family you never had. And now stop crying, you’ll ruin the computer. Parties as usual after the jump:


Talented Hunnee is playing tonight at Soju Bar, the Kingsize in Kreuzberg. You’re a pathetic old bloke but you want to have a look? Have dinner at Kimchii first, then your entry is guaranteed. If it was always as easy as this!

The claustrophobic cellar Enklave has a trashy black night going with Curly Q. and Dennis Prinz!

Disco Mystix and exhibition at Stattbad. The pool will be transformed into a mysterious planetarium and there will be art of course and a performance by dark angel My Name Is Claude and Paros and music by Emil Doesn’t Drive, Benji Df and Ben Mono!


Party Arty volume 33 at Ritter Butzke. The line up is long, including live acts Foreign Beggars with some dub-grime from London, Berlin Tekkno orkestra and Diskocaine. Apart from that, spoken word, art and live painting!

Kid Sista from Chicago live at the Villa in Friedrichshain, mixing house and hiphop in one bowl furthermore djs Ticus & Goldstein, Funkenstrom and a debut by Das Christl, consisting of good old Villa-dame Cinthie and Stadthund!

Fickfreunde is a new night at backyard gallery. Ficken is art. Get a fuck-id and find your matching partner. Once found, both of you get a shot. Meet Thieves like us’ Andy No Andy, Playgrounds’ Ricardo Ferreirra and Picknick babes Sophie and Nadja!

Hiphop Don’t Stop, the most successful monthly hiphop party, this time with Curtis Blow live at Tube Station who is celebrating the anniversary of breaks, together with the hosts Gab and Jumpy. The most beautiful girls are around, but the guys, oh dear, the guys..well let’s say, some gays would do this party good!







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