Community Action Center

In the middle of an arty week we’d never forget the partyfolks. The party column and calendar freshly offered after the jump:


If you aren’t afraid of porn art, you still got the chance to pop by Horton Gallery in Kreuzberg, Alexandrinenstr. to watch Community Action Center by A.K. Burns and A.L. Steiner!

1 year Grateful Grapefruit, a party for horny nerds, preferably gay, this Thursday at Soju Bar in Kreuzberg. One conert, three live acts including Voin De Voin and 4 djs including Emil, and you need to wear your most promiscuous yet nerdy outfit! (How would I manage?)


The Sameheads Store known for special taste fashion goes for a bit of a party by bringing The Oscillation live to the shop. Furthermore Emil Doesn’t Drive and Dsb at the store-cellar-after-party. First come first serve, tickets will be available at the Sameheads Store, price 5€/3€.

Another gay alarm: It-Boys Opening Party at Hbc, a blog that promises to tell you all about it-boys, how they fumble, fart und f.ck!


Michael Wants To Party at backyard. Michael is the new apprentice of backyard ( seemingly living there as well) and he is throwing a party this Saturday, having invited Swede Mte, who only recently played at still closed Picknick, Neukölln-Kreuzberg pearl Amelle, So what! and Suz to play some electronic, hiphop and trash music making you sweat. U-Prinzenstr.!

The official Stroke Afterparty takes place in the hall called The Station, U-Bahn Gleisdreieck. The Stroke is a fair for urban art and started this Thursday with tons of artists and galleries being present as well as live painting and, not to forget, some blogger-art. What’s that? Well, go and have a look!

The Bouncing Boys go 4 years old and have a party at Moebelfabrik in Brunnenstr. and there is Dub House and Deep Step at About Blank with Apple Blim and Paul Frick. The latter kindly offer you 2×2 guestlist places, please leave a comment on our Facebook grouppage.







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