Peaches does herself

Why does nobody ever talk about female masturbation? Is this one of the last remaining female secrets of our generation? Well, most girls I know claim that they never do it (for a guy this seems hard to believe). Actually I know just one girl – I could call a masturbation mistress. She knows how to come, where to come and when to come (mostly several times a day). Another quite popular lady of Berlin’s nightlife who does not seem to be ashamed of this particular hobby is our lovely Canadian rockstar Peaches. So if you don’t want to miss the details you should definetly visit her upcoming musical Peaches Does Herself. Dirty details and a synopsis after the jump.


Peaches has decided to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her debut album “The Teaches Of Peaches” by creating an opera centered around her 4 albums. Following in the style of jukebox musicals where the musical works of an artist are put to a fictional subject, Peaches has created an absurd themed Opera (there will be no dialogue besides the songs themselves) that would represent her work and her concerns about gender, beauty and age.

Expect big dance numbers, odes to favorite past musicals and fantastic surprise guests. Peaches: “I want it to be a fantastical musical that broadway would never be able to present.”

Peaches does herself

Premiere on 28.10. 2010, 19.30h
29. -31.10. 2010 19.30h

Hebbel Am Ufer – HAU1

Stresemannstr. 29

10963 Berlin

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