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Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)

Ok Bar 25 closure, can we please go on now? Thank god! The space for Berlin party makers is getting rare, but this wouldn’t be the city of creative work if not one or another new location appeared or an old yet forgotten one was rediscovered. I know it is all so sad, but you better be happy about living in the Berlin of 2010. Imagine the year of 2020 when Neukölln and Wedding are going to be like Kreuzberg and Mitte are today – a paradise for beer tourist and a Mekkah for rich old men, nasty old men looking out for young girls and..whatever, the parties as ususal after the jump:


Artelry is a joint project between the berlin based jewelry label 25 piecesand Luckenpaint agency. An aperitif opening starts at 19.30 with a music performance by Sleep Is Commercial and Good Vibe Records in the store.  The evening will continue with a party at the Arena!

Thursday at Renate, from now on once a month.


Italo Space Disko at Monster Ronson’s with Emil Doesn’t Drive, Franz Underwear and Paulo Chinatown. A psychedelic space adventure, that is what you can expect of these three guys!

Le Salon de Paris invites you to Numéro ⑦ at Soju Bar in Berlin-Kreuzberg. ⑦th STREET stands for a bold mix of all forms of urban culture.  With Maxi, Nite Shinin and the A-Team with guest!


The Bermuda is some kind of a music fair bringing tons of famous djs into the more commercial clubs such as Watergate, Maria and the like. It has started already with its climax this Saturday, but you don’t need this useless little partyguide that is anyway only guiding you to the the creepy strange parties. You’ll find the programm of Bermuda in every Berlin guide you can get.

Captain Future Release Party with Vertigo Flight, Emil doesn’t Drive and SpAceLex. They went to various planets to bring the best spaced out disco music to you guys. Get on your spaceshuttle and fly to The Sameheads in Richardstr.!
Stretch Armstrong, San Gabriel, Martina McFly and Jumpy at Tube Station, Hip Hop Don’t Stop!

Watch out for backyard on Facebook, cause they are usually in a mood for spontaneous parties, it may stay closed though, but you never know.

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