The Farewell Week

This week is a little bit about saying goodbye. First we say goodbye to temporarily Berlin-based band The Polyamorous Affair that will give their final concert in Germany on  Monday before heading back to the States. And secondly we say good-bye to the dinner club and bar Appartement at Prenzlauer Allee that will have it’s last supper on Tuesday and a final party on Saturday. Some more events for the week after the jump.


The Polyamorous Affair are having their final concert in Berlin as the opening act of We Say Party at Comet Club, Falckensteinstr. 47, 20h. Watch their latest beautiful music video Rebel here.


Goodbye dinner at Appartement. The last supper will be held this Tuesday. You have to be on the facebook guestlist to get in as usual.


Urban Outfitters are having an exclusive party with Twin Magazine at Sojubar, Skalitzerstr. 36, 22h.


Munich-based label A Kind of Guise is presenting its new womenswear collection at Wood Wood, Rochstr. 4, including new beautiful unique bags. All day from 12h.

Berlin-based photographer Werner Amann is launching his new book American in the soon to open new A.D.Deertz store at Torstr. 106 starting at 19h.

Madeline von Foerster is opening her new exhibition Reliquaries at Strychnin Gallery, Boxhagener Str. 36, starting at 19h.

Burlesque Circus with the Teaserettes and many other live shows at Roadrunners Club, Saarbrückerstr. 24, at 21h.


Art gallery Im Namen des Raums is celebrating its first birthday with free drinks and all. Straussberger Platz 19, 21h.

The final party at Appartemente.

Design collective The Offer (Von Bardonitz and many more) will have a have a party in support for their upcoming fashion magazine at Antje Oeklesund, Rigaerstr. 71, 21h.

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