Too much partying won’t make you look better!

New Era goes Art

It is getting really cold and you pale since your tan has disappeared two months ago. Now it is all dependant on chosing the right concealer, otherwise someone at work or school might get suspicious. But how would you hide these dark circles around the eyes? (With a big fancy hat?) You can’t. And since you can’t, you can as well have a good time. Where when and how? We are gonna tell you after the jump:


For a start you could try out the Circleculture Gallery and the New Era goes Art event.

And what about Amano after?  What? You think it is weird to have a party in a posh hotel? Well then you surely haven’t been to a party at Amano…

Maybe Soju Bar then? You have been there last week? Hm, I don’t care, these are only suggestions love.


Kreuzberg loop:

Fickfreunde party at backyard, well hidden next to the Prinzenbad, U Prinzenstr. Get a card, find your match and then f… erm, have a drink with your fuckbuddy. With the Rafgier Jungs (Heldenbrand&Engtanzkavalier), Dermott O Dyna and a very special appearance by the IT Boys!

Hunee is playing all night long at Soju bar, I call this a marathon, man!

Spaced out timeless grooves, set in an era that time forgot..Wrong Era at Kleine Reise with djs  Ben Williams,  Jr Seaton and Franz Underwear, Spreewaldplatz!


Maskenball in the Renate, Strahlauer Allee. Hide and watch behind your mask. But always remember: you are watched too!

Horsemeatdisco at Tape Club with Filthy Luka and Severino and Miss Honey Dijon!

The Offer Magazine Night at Antje Oklesund in Friedrichshain!

Appartement, we are going to miss you!

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