An English Gentleman

I had my very own special moment last Saturday when I grabbed Paul Smith, leadsinger of my favourite band and molested him. He wasn’t too happy about it but he wouldn’t be a superpolite Englishman if he didn’t try smiling at least. Paul, I love you. But to be honest, I got a crush on almost every leadsinger..more and a pic of an overhappy Suz and a rather ashamed Paul Smith after the jump:

The leadsinger of Maximo Park goes solo. But no fan needs to burst into tears, the band still exists and is going to be working on a new album at the beginning of next year. I bombarded a very kind Paul Smith with my mega-fan questions and he would still be smiling, answering patiently. He admitted being very nervous about playing solo and playing new songs in front of an audience who ‘actually came for the Ting Tings and Phoenix’. Wrong Paul, I was there only to see you. By the way, who are the Ting Tings?

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