What’s going on? A lot is going on, too much for my taste, but perhaps you don’t take uni very serious or you are in a state of temporary umemployment. If yes, congrats, you have time to visit all these places and parties. Which? Well, I tell you after the jump:


SchwarzHogerZeil in Mulackstr. 28 have a re-opening today from 18.00 and it’s sad that the young German actor’s league loves to go for a little shopping trip.

Caped Creatures by Kelsey Brookes from California At Circleculture Gallery, the biochemist shows “an unrefined and, some would say, unskilled mix of sex, comedy and animals which is derived from a true passion for all three, except not necessarily all at the same time.”!

Cookies birthday and Zehlendorf preppies, Manchester tourists and Marzahn-kids celebrate with the guys of Keine Musik who made it from a small label right up to Cookies, congrats!


Arm&Sexy im Bienenkorb, Hermannstr. 164 with djs Leila and Lucy and Delphine, Frank’s favourite party (apart from Last Days) goes along no name djs and changing locations but is nonetheless great fun, the only thing that counts!

Mad Kiss chez Jackis with djs from Amsterdam Phil Peoples,  Jim Browski and Clyde as well as Purita Durango  and S. Vom S.Vs. Koppen from Berlin!

Henriette House at Renate with Gebrüder Teichmann, Jake The Rapper, Johannes Vogel and more!


DesignSmash at Betahaus! DesignSmash is an international project and web-store dedicated to open-source design. They are having a party to celebrate their opening with Snake’n’tiger starting 18.00h. International product designer will create will create something during the party inspired by the happenings around them. There is also free T-shirt screen printing between 6 and 8pm so come early to capitalise!

One Year Last Days with Last Days of Mariah (and the djs have to play one or two Mariah songs even if they don’t want to), i.e. Jumpy, host of HipHop Don’t Stop and an expert in HipHop music has promised bringing his favourite songs! If you attended Last Days of Take That this summer you will remember the sexy but crazy girls of Tigeress, who will be playing records, cds and songs from the laptop at the same time plus they often bring theme based decoration. Florian Andres one of the very first Last Days djs, host Suz and Beardear formerly known as Christoph Hirnstein with a unique mix of songs.

Copiers as disco lights at Ritter Butzke Cantine with Aids-3D,  100% Design and Flavarava, bulgeri. By invite only (but Facebook will do it)!


Afta Aua!

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