Rising Phoenix

When I heard that A.D.Deertz was closing her flagship store at Kastanienallee earlier this year and would not make a summer 2011 collection, I was a little bit afraid that she would go out of business as so many cool Berlin-based designers have done over the past years. When I asked designer Wibke Deertz about it she assured me that she is not quitting but only taking a break. Back then I wondered, can you take a break from fashion for one season and then just come back? I think many designers wouldn’t dare to leave a season out because it could send the wrong signal out into the industry. It could look like a sign of failure.

But that is nothing but narrow-minded. Designers – just like everyone else – sometimes just need a break to regain their strength, collect new ideas, re-think their business, follow other projects, or just go on a long extended vacation. I’m sure every designer who works like a monkey to produce two collections per year would dream of a little time out.

Wibke took her time out. And now she is back. With a new concept and a new store. Come celebrate the rising phoenix this Saturday at Torstr. 106. Details after the jump.


Shop Opening 11.12.2010, 12-20h

Torstr. 106


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