After Kippenberger

Robbekah Ritchie, Performance,  2010

We are getting too cosy and sweet on this poor little blog for my taste. I know that the Christmas feeling has come over us. But that’s no reason to loose all our edges. So I recommend a non-Christmas related event for the weekend.  Just to get back on the usual Berlin is so fucked up feeling. After Kippenberger is an exhibition taking place at the Marzia Frozen Gallery. Don’t miss the opening reception this Saturday with some sexy performances and cool artwork. The flyer and the directions after the trash.

After Kippenberger

Opening  Reception:  SATURDAY   December 11th   6 – 12 pm
December  11, 2010   –   January  11,   2011

Landsberger  Allee  54
10249  Berlin,   3 Floor

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