Last Chance for a Dance!

A week and a day left until Christmas eve! This weekend is your last chance for a night out in a pre-Christmas-Berlin. Let me tell you, Christmas and New Year’s Day, both relatively exciting, but then there is nothing but a very long winter. Enjoy the snow and the lights in December, cause January and February are really gross. Comfy is that both months are a good time for party nights, long partynights. Like the ones right after the jump:


Last chance to see the Rocky Horror Show at Wilde Renate. You have to buy the tickets at Renate boy office in advance, though. Bring some rice with you dude!

Busta Rhymes live in Berlin at Astra presented by HipHop Don’t Stop and supported by djs Giampiero and Gabriel! The Us Rapper, known for his unique live shows has already been been in the business for more than 20 years (and he strangely survived)..

And the always busy Giampiero also plays at good old Cookies, Dreamlounge or whatever it is called, yeah!


The Tigeress girls have become regular djs at Last Days and this is definetely not all you can, but all you need to say about their qualities in making you dance like those teens in Footlose. Tonight they play at KingKong Club, the indie place in Mitte!

Jack The Box at Kleine Reise with an awesome oldschool line up man: A Guy Called Gerald, Tyree Cooper and Bobby Starrr!

Relish Miniclub at Soju Bar with Headman, Bhc’s Nikki Pauls and Richard D. Clouston!


Last Days party at Backyard (U Prinzenstr.), do we have to say more about it?! The last Last Days this year with Berlin djs Engtanzkavalier, Schlechtboy (Villa), Sophie (Cookies) and Suz (Backyard) and electro, indie, rock, wave, 90s and 80s. The theme is Ozzy Osbourne and the dresscode dark fantasies, so dig deep in your mind and wardrobe and dance the night away.

Voodoo daytime market at Jacki Terrasse with hairdresser Person Non Grata, Tattoo, designer and vintage market, cupcakes and pies and Glühwein. For tattoo and hairdresser appaointments check the Facebook page!

Soju Bar XMas Special with Capablanca and JG Wilkes!

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