Tell us your favorite place and win!

As a blog who features cool places in Berlin we are often asked what our all-time favourite hot-spot of the city is. Usually we respond to the question with a shrug. There simply are too many great locations to decide for just one. So, we were once again struggling for an answer when Range Rover popped the question on us the other day.

For practical reasons we are now diverting this question to you, our clever readership. What is your favorite place in Berlin at the moment and why? It can be everything from public places, bars, galleries, shops, restaurants, cafés, fashion studios, parties, cultural meeting points or even a group of people. Anything that is special to you and that excites you. Leave a comment below with your answer and get a chance to win a 300 EUR gift voucher from ASOS and 4×2 exclusive tickets for the secret Range Rover party. You have time until December 31st 2010.

All your suggestions will be uploaded to the Range Rover website and people will be able to vote for the best places. The places with the highest votes will then be explored by us and introduced in detail.

Now thinking about it there is one place I could call my favorite of this year: It’s the recently rediscovered Madame Claude. Don’t you just love places where cute blondes are hanging from the ceiling?

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