Goodbye 2010-the Partyguide

A party marathon on New Year’s eve, this is the usual way the night of nights is spent in Berlin. But as every year it is either ‘too packed, too expensive or just as boring as any other night’. But why sticking to old habits? Feel free to pick one or two of the following most promising parties out of our New Year’s selection. I promise it will be fun. We have a broad variety from trash to fame, not ordered by importance, after the jump:


Jacki’s blood: producer and Dj of the finest House music Andre Lodemann is playing tonight at Jacki Terrasse, as well as Trickski and Paul Frigg!


Emil Doesn’t Drive at Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke. Furthermore Rubbermore, Peaknich and more. 5 Euro entrance, no guestlist!


Please note: the order of the following parties don’t mark their importance to the writer (who cares):

The Hbc, hosting a restaurant, art and other projects is of course doing a dinner deluxe, which is unfortunately sold out. But there is a party afterwards: Chics vs Freaks with Sunday Love, It Boys, Romain Electrosexual and more french and non french musicians, 18 Euro!

The Sameheads are doing a party at their store at Richardstr. in deeper Neukölln with let’s say the Sameheads allstars (Kruton, Dsb and the like). The line up is scheduled until next day’s afternoon, yet no rush, 10 Euro entrance!

The Backyard has invited Tigeress, Milch, Suz and more to celebrate a glittery New Year next to Kreuzberg’s famous pool, the Prinzenbad, with great fun but also serious electronic music on two floors. U Prinzenstr., next to the pool’s parking place, 8 Euro!

Before the Villa faces a tremendously exhausting closing weekend on January the 21st, they’ll have a family New Year’s party with David Dorad, the Awesome Dj Team, Funkenstrom, Das Christl and many more, entrance as usual!

Appartment Interlude takes place at Atelierhof Kreuzberg with a suggested ‘finest next decade futurism’ dresscode and dj Hunee, your body and dj Sweat and more, entrance 8 Euro!

The Renate also celebrates New Year with Been Swift, Emil who is also playing at the Sameheads party tonight, Mano Le Tough and more, 25 Euro at the entrance!

Or party at The Enklave with Dennis Prinz, Ring Vogeler at the entrance!

Arm und Sexy are also doing a little New year’s party at Sanderstübl!

New Year:

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