The After-New-Year Partyguide

skull by Basquiat

Who dares to host a party right after New Year’s eve? In fact the city seems busy as never before. A day before New Year’s eve and again two days after I passed the Weekend club staggered at the sight of a long qeue. Nasty tourists all over. Nicer places after the jump:


Kino Babylon tonight: The Radiant Child is a film about Jean-Michel Basquiat by director Tamra Davis who pays homage to her friend in this documentary. Learn more about Basquiat, who began as an graffitti artist in the 70s(!) to go over to neoexpressionist paintings during the 80s to finally come to death in 1988 of an overdose. Tonight will be the only large screening in Germany and there is an after party at Grüner Salon!


Theater in a cellar, this is something you should definetely try out, but only if you’re not suffering from claustrophobia. The Enklave shows ‘Aufzeichnungen eines Wahnsinnigen‘ by Gogol, for entrance ring Vogeler. Russian Literature is a must, you prick!

After you have had a tiny piece of education it is time for partying, i.e. at Kleine Reise where Jeffery Sfire, Emil Doesn’t Drive and Franz Underwear are coming together for another Slow Motion Italo Disco, High Energy, New Disco and Electro night!

More Italo action at Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke with Berlino Deviance presenting Spacelex and Marcello Giordani, Warschauer Sr. 34!

Universal Tellerwäscher at Fitzclub at Postbahnhof, a party on three floors. Win tickets on out Facebook fanpage!


I don’t feel like supporting a club that primarily seems to be focussing on money so I won’t go. But I wanna mention that Renaissance Man is playing at Panorama bar tonight and perhaps you would like to!

Angie Reed is playing at The Establishment, Reichenberger Str.!

Ena Wild live, Micu and Malice and Clown Triste at All That Glitters in the Freudenzimmer of The Butzke!

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