It’s been a very long time since my musical G-spot has been tickled as intensely as the music of Rangleklods does. I was pointed to the newly Berlin-based act from Denmark just recently and I have been addicted to his songs ever since. Pulsating beats, disturbing sounds and embedded into it the crystal clear beautiful voice of Esben Andersen, the man behind the project. When asked about the meaning of his weird band name he explains:

“The name is really sort of an anti-name. The thing is that I didn’t want a name that made people think of a specific object/situation/whatever, because I think it influences the way the music is listened to. When I talk to people about it, it seems that everyone puts some sort of meaning that suits them personally into the name – and that’s exactly what I hoped would happen. It’s not even a word in Danish, but that said, it does have a personal meaning for me, but none that would make any sense to other people.”

After the jump you can listen to a couple of his wonderful songs, “Young and dumb” being my absolute favorite. This Friday he will perform live as the support of Shameless Limitless at West Germany.

Download his album sampler to get a taste of what’s to come on the full record sometime in Spring. In the meantime become his fan on facebook.

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