Vehicle Fashion by Vibskov and co!

Yesterday the opening of the Mecedes Benz Young Classics exhibition revisted by several designers such as Frederik Heyman, Hendrik Vibskov, Bernard Willhelm, Peter Pilotto and Mikio Sakabe took place in Mitte. Impressions after the jump:

The exhibition is at Zinnowitzer Straße/Ecke Nordbahnhof and it is open to the public. Mercedes Benz classic cars did get, let’s say an interesting dress tailored by Vibskov and co. The building at Zinnowitzer is impressive and in order to visit the exhibition rooms you got to use a huge elevator, landing spaceship-like in the massive hall. Familiar and other faces were around, some tucking into the offered pasta and delicious sweets. I caught one or two with my camera and of course some cart, pardon me, car art or is it car fashion?

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