The Cunning Austrians

Volker M. Schmidt

What should we think about a group of Austrians coming to Berlin and start to steal our Christmas trees from the streets. This is quite cunty. It is also upsetting that they jump in my favorite off-set theater to make a piece and then put the whole stolen Christmas trees on stage and claim that would be a stage set. No, Ms. Axthelm-Hoffmann, this is not a set design. That is called theft of public property. Fortunately, it’s starring the fabulous Nadine Dubois, which we already were allowed to shoot in front of the Volskbühne at that time pregnant and looking like a street whore. Otherwise, the piece would be not advisable. Or maybe yes?  Christmas tree details after the jump.

Die Fozen -Eine Gespenster-Seance

29.30.012011, 20.00h

Ballhaus Ost

Pappelallee 15

10437 Berlin

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