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Casiokids Friday at Fritz Postbahnhof

Hiya! There is quite something going on Thursday, oh you got school on Friday, work even? Me too, such a shame…Don’t worry, there is the whole weekend waiting. Ritter Butzke has turned totally and succesfully into a commercial party venue and speaking of commercial, you can always pay 15 Euros at Berghain, joining hords of tourists, can’t you! Partiiieesss after the jump:


Props at Asphalt with Hhds founders Giampiero and Gabriel and some ‘Feel Good Music’! Asphalt is right under the Hilton hotel, the entrance being at the left side when facing it. It is kind of massive, the drinks quite expensive, like 9,50 a Wodka-something (but they are using Belvedere-Wodka, which won’t be interesting to those who usually spend the whole evening with ten Euros..beggar ). The sound is good and it’s kind of posh, I mean not like Cookies, more like Felix, you know, you better leave your old running shoes at home, ok!

There are Future Days at White Trash bringing you an evening of psychedelic music and they present us dark band Brace/Choir from Berlin!

Some strange collab of Baambi Lounge and Coop. I remember Baambi Lounge as a kind of posh Mitte party where allegedly the most beautiful women used to hang out. That was like ten years ago, but check out for yourself, if they are still hanging out at Baambi they may be around 35-40 now. Yelle are playing and there is Jack Tennis and Coop at the decks of the Ritter Butzke!


Norwegian electro band Casiokids play at Fritz Am Postbahnhof  for the first time ever in Berlin. Win tickets on our Facebook Fanpage by leaving a comment!


Dancing dancing dancing involved here! The Cabin at Backyard has its own party with HipHop Don’t Stop master Giampiero and sirens Sophie from the Cookies and Suz of Last Days. You don’t know ‘die Kabine’? Also called ‘Make Out Room’ or ….kabine? U Prinzenstraße, face the Prinzenbad and then go down to your right!

We haven’t heard much recently of former ‘German Wunderkind’ Namosh who is playing alongside Reverse at The Establishment tonight!

Dj Nomad is gonna play his best African Boogie records at Vulkan Dance alongside Cheers Chris at Jackie Terrasse, next to Club Maria. You’ll need your bongos!

The Neon Raiders claim they never die-so be it, gay raiding in neon lights at Zur Möbelfabrik with Electro Trash Glam Desaster GroupEat Lipstick live and djs Emmanuelle 5 and more!

NukkNukk: the English bands Lamos and Commungos premier at The Sameheads store. Expect a brother and sister combo and some hardcore  girl punk bob!

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