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The Berlinale starts like right now and there are tons of parties with important and most of, rather unimportant people thinking that they are important, which they are not in terms of importance, you know. This is no Berlinale special guide, it is a a partyguide as usual (but it is not normal). Rather unusual and definetely not normal but surely very important parties after the jump (and on Monday don’t you forget about sending your fancied boy or girl some stupid letter telling her/him that you are in love):


Wrong Era London Wave invasion at Kleine Reise, the little club in XBerg with the carpet, Ali Renault and Brassica playing live and djs Bill Ambrose, Franz Underwear and Jr Seaton!

Berlinale Opening at Bar Kingsize with old and young (old men, young girls haha). The two Berlin Battery buddies Jack Tennis and Dj Supermarkt are playing. Perhaps you meet a filmstar. But don’t waste yourself to the German C-celebs little girl, better try pulling a real star. Or become one!

Polish local hero Adam Sky, erm Port I mean, and super hit remixer Trentemoller are playing at Marcus Trojans place, no, not the small shitty one in Neukölln but the posh one in Mitte at the roof of this Skyscraper, I haven’t been there for so long, I just forgot the name–ah Weekend, there it is. Support Marcus by helping him pay the first rent for his 300 sqm appartement in Neukölln!


Shovania at ex Bang Bang Club at Hackescher Markt is a party with its own 10 ‘shoves’, ‘don’t have other parties next to mine’ or ‘don’t start the week before Tuesday’ and the like, bla bla. Minimal music with Fraenzen Texas, Andre Wakko and more!

Time to Jack! Jack Tennis and his other Berlin Battery buddy Shir Khan play at the Ritter Butzke in the Ölfasslager, I have no idea which of the numerous rooms that is, but Ölfasslager sounds funny.


This is the Saturday of Minimal music!

Steffi releases and album and celebrates this at Berghain, o dear, this Sunday no Mauerpark for you!

Cukoo Rites at The Sameheads with Emil Who Doesn’t Drive tonight. It involves a ritual: chasing the evil away by wearing strange and scary clothes. No, not your usual strange outfit, scary this time!

Wolkenkuckucksheim, it’s a german word I honestly don’t know how too translate, it means nothing, House of the cloud’s cukoo it would be. However it’s a party’s name and the party is-surprise- at Ritterbutzke and it’s really quite minimalistic in terms of music. Is Ritterstr. the new party-Ballermann?

Klangkost Underwater at K-Pax with Phillip Bader and David Dorad. If you wanna do a minimal party and if you want all the youngsters (who only recently had fun at Cookies, then Picknick and now Bachstelzen parties but then heard of the Fusion and are really cool now out of nothing) to come, it is strongly necessary to have at least one Bar25 in brackets at the line-up of your party, but Bachstelzen will also do it!

All that Glitters at Sankt Georg, the second part of this little party at Ritterstr, but further down the street, not at the Butzke. With Franz Underwear, Micu and more. Beware of the weird doorman asking you questions as if he was straight from Secret Service but he rather fits into a party at Marzahn!

Next Thursday – 17.02.2011

For the early planning party kids we already have a nice tip for next week. One of the strangest locations Friedrichshain has to offer, a big old German  pub called Jägerklause, will be the starting point of the Jägermeister Wirtshaus Tour. Cool and sexy indie  bands and electro DJs will get you in to the party mood and show you how nice it can be to spend your night in such a place once in a while. The acts for the night are disco-rock-trio We Have Band, producer and remix-legend Yuksek and the DJ team Trashpop. If you want to join us in this crazy night you should definetly check out the website for tickets. More infos also available on the Facebook group.

We Have Band at Jägermeister Wirtshaus Tour

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