Berlinale – Vintage Art Dreams

Every day there are incoming press releases right now, about which famous lady is walking in which designer dress over the red carpet of the Berlinale. Thanks to l’Oreal, the Berlinale will probably be pure glamour this year and even the bags are not such a bad horror, as they used to be. Despite movie star glamour I find the Berlinale most interesting when it brings attention to a few small films, that otherwise would never run on a commercial German cinema. Like the movie The sleeping Girl by Rainer Kirberg with Natalie Krane in the lead role. In the blurred border between fiction and art project this English language masterpiece brings a little ’60s nostalgia with beautiful black and white impressions into the Berlinale cinemas. Definitely a must see film for me. The dates after the jump.

Das schlafende Mädchen

13.02. 15:00 Kino Arsenal 1

16.02. 20:30 Kino Arsenal 2

18.02. 13:30 CineStar 8

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