A piano and a city

picture: AntonellaTravascio

Anyone who has seen the movie The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean by Giuseppe Tornatore knows that a concert piano can be a gorgeous dance partner. Although  the contemporary dance Chaconne will not have a moving piano on stage, we are thrilled to see the dancing interaction in between the charming dancer Yui Kawaguchi and the great jazz pianist Aki Takase. All the information you need and a funny little clip after the jump.

Anyone who does not has problems with italian blabla can enjoy the mythical piano and ocean waltz scene I mentioned above.

CHACONNE – Die Stadt im Klavier IV

Yui Kawaguchi & Aki Takase

17. / 18. / 19. / 20.02. 2011 – 20:30h


Sophienstraße 18

10178 Berlin Mitte

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