A new Freedom

Thee Harasser (Friday at Backyard)

Take them off, those leggins and tights and feel the new freedom under your pants. Girl-and-some-guys-talk only? No man, you’ll as well appreciate the new freedom after having taken her home and get things done before your flatmates get home. Faster, softer, better. Parties after the jump:


Leo from the Awesome Agency ( The Villa, Fountain of Youth ) and his fellow swedes from Nordic By Nature presents Awesome by Nature, a night djs The Harasser, Tony Senghore, Lars Moston, People’s Champion and a very special and rare appearance of the Swedish band The Embassy live!! An awesomely high rate of blond heads is expected tonight at Backyard –  U Prinzenstr.!

Hate Party No 8 at Renate. Finance the next year of this Magazine by paying the entry. Music played by the mags or other mags writers such as Tobias Rapp or Heiko Zwirner from Tip or Walther W. Wacht from Spex!


The Apparatjik Light Space Modulator has been invited by the Neue Nationalgalerie. There will be an installation and three performances, one of them tonight at 21.00!

Charlie Sheen turns mad and you are witnesses of his descent. But a guy like Charlie is a party animal as he has demonstrated several times, and party animals must be celebrated, tonight at Last Days of Charlie, Gitschinerstr. 22 with music by Creathief, Beardear, Sophie, Heldenbrand, Suz. Joy from midnight til noon, dresscode “macho man” or “easy-to-get-girl” or turn it!

Opening of Mammut Bar and Cafe at Prenzlauer Berg, Danziger Str. 61, 18.00!

Jailbait at The Pigalle Bar, a bi-monthly night. Yes, it’s the Bar I wrote about last week, the one that is not appreciated by some inhabitants of the street because it’s seems too posh for Neukölln. The same situation as in Mitte-only 5-10 years ago haha!

Fave Rave at Hbc. Indierock, New Wave, Punk, Shoegaze, Neo Psych by Cotton Club live and djs Raissa, Esther Rebel and Mr. Popp and in the foyer Psychedelia, Glam, Fuzzbusters, Early Prog by the Club Separee djs!

The Sameheads also have a party at their store with music played by Rudi Zygadlo, Dsb and Emil Doesn’t Drive!

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