With the Hype comes Death


Actually Iam not sure if I only dreamt it but I feel like someone told me that The Maria am Ostbahnhof is about to close down soon. “Just another club” you’re thinking? Party as hard as you can, because I give it 5 years more until Berlin is a nuclear wasteland-clubwise. Ok, let’s say 8. Parties after the jump:


Emil who Doesn’t Drive plays at Barfly, Soju Bar.


Goose are playing at the Magnet Club next to Ira Atari as well as music by the Karrera Club djs!

Hunching with Hunee Hunch and this all night long at the Soju Bar, the bar next to Kimchii Princess!

There once was (a time without Facebook) this online page named Restrealitaet which became mainly responsible for the success of places like Villa and the Ritter Butzke. At the beginning one really got very useful info about secret parties in Berlin. But of course the whole thing became famous and slowly but unevitably the oh-so-secret-parties became a hype. And with the hype comes death. In that case someone really died and the Restrealitaet crowd was in a state of grief. It is now 8 years ago that they started the page and of course there is a party which was supposed to be secret but some memel spread the adress on Facebook. I only say S Landsberger and Storkower, now go and find it on your own, toddler. Expect very minimalistic music since Bachstelzen, Pyonen and Neurocomic are involved, but the (ordinary) Berliner likes it!

Shameless Limitless party at Waterloo near Hallesches Tor!


There might be more important things to do and think about these days but then you will need to erase all these Japan pictures out of you head. Hm, what about this:

Cellar-theater!”Aufzeichnungen eines Wahnsinnigen” by Gogol played at The Enklave, a little bit of culture will do you good!

Arm&Sexy at the Pyramide in Neukölln with the ususal djs!

At The Renate Spank Me Disco with Franz Underwear playing, also AlienAlien live!

Why not visiting the Sameheads in Neukölln, Baseminz is the name of the party, the entry of 3 Euros goes to the reconstruction of Shanglhang (there was a fire)!

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