Brand New Bodi Bill

Bodi Bill are one of the few Berlin-based bands that I would refer to as local heroes. In fact their following here is so strong that they had to add two extra shows to their concert on April 28 at Lido. (The one on April 26 is the only one you can still get tickets for.)

The first Bodi Bill song I ever consciously listened to was Hotel, the preview track of their new album What?. It tickled a lot of my nerves and I was more then eager to hear the rest of the record. And I was not disappointed! It’s a bit hard to describe the music. Electro indie pop sounds not cool enough for this band. But it definately describes the elements that you will find in their music. Hotel for me is definately one of the strongest songs on the record, but my favoriteby far is the closing track Friends, an absolute stunner of a song!

After the jump you can see the beautiful video to the quirky new single Brand New Carpet. What? comes out on March 18th 2011, which is… today! Hurrah!

Bodi Bill Live

26.,27. & 28.04.2011, 21h


Cuvrystr. 7

10997 Berlin

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