Music is an opinion

photo: Klaus Rudolph

Being an artist often means to feel misunderstood by the outer world. This morning for instance when I went to my composition teacher into the studio and I heard the screeching sounds of a violin next door. “The poor parents!” I said, expressing my feelings about these  horrible sounds. “Why?” asks my composition teacher. “These are not children. They’re adult musicians rehearsing a piece of new music.” Oh, I thought and asked myself again who could create ugly sounds like this with such a compassion. New music is not easy to digest which is why I rarely recommend such events. But the opening spectacle Chroma XV by Rebecca Saunders for the Festival Maerzmusik starting today sounds very tempting. With various partly creepy music boxes Rebecca Saunders creates abstract sound worlds accessible and malleable to everyone. A piece of music from her and the  dates after the jump.

Chroma XV

spacial collage for several chamber groups (2003–2011)

by Rebecca Saunders

18.03.2011 , 20.00h &    21.30h

Café Moskau

Karl-Marx-Allee 34

10178 Berlin

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