Ladies and Gents, the Weekend!

The Kills

Be Arm and Sexy while celebrating the Last Days of Britney in Slow Motion near Neukölln and listen to The Kills while joining a Fuck – The – Touri – Commerce – Flashmob. Detailed explanation of this party info after the jump:


If you love Arm and Sexy you’ll be happy to hear that now there is Armer Donnerstag in a pub in Neukölln with dart, pool and other typical German pub ceremonials.

Neukölln’s finest Pub Quiz at The Sameheads tonight. Be smarter than the others and catch the price!

Strange forces are working in Neukölln at  Loophole when Under Fire Is Born is launching with music by Desmond N Lunar Goon and Additive and more!


The Kills are playing at Huxley’s – of course this was to be sold out. But perhaps you get a ticket in front of Huxley’s by some dude who doesn’t want to go on his own? It’s worth a try!

Spaced out timeless grooves, set in an era that time forgot…, a self describtion by Slow Motion / Wrong Era, a nice one though. Music with Beppe Loda, Jr Seaton,  Franz Underwear, strictly no trash!

Ok this is so pathetic I will just have to announce it. There is a flashmob you will be happy joining, it’s called Fuck – The – Touri – Commerce – Flashmob. they meet at the Weltzeituhr, Alexanderplatz, then plan to storm the next late night shop only to end up at Oranke Orange and all that to prevent the tourists from entering the Berlin electro scene…erm!


Last Days of Britney Spears with four djs who couldn’t be more different and fun, each one a playing his or her interpretation of the music that stands for the Last Days parties: Engtanzkavalier, Villa’s Schlechtboy and Alisa & Nora, the girls cheating on Enklave this Saturday! Win 2×2 tickets by leaving a comment on our Facebook fan page!

Horse Piste with Rob’N Zoobsie, Emil and Spacelex will be playing at The Sameheads Store in Neukölln, in case you fear a Britney trauma!

Fly High at Saarbrücker 23 with djs Pat Ferry, AlexKid, Strom & Technik and more!

Far far out there in Rummelsburg is Cabaret & Party, a “wild-postsowjet-hedonistic-vodka-variete-show”, but no hurry, it is on the whole Sunday too!

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