Coloured Partyguide

Daria Marchik & Tata Christiane DAMTATAC ® Label : “Wear is Art” Exposition
Image: Tata Christiane Couture by Madame Peripete

It’s grey and it’s wet but the weekend seems colourful and promising. And since the weather is too bad to stumble around on a Sunday’s fleamarket you could as well go for a little dance could you. Parties after the jump:


Tigeress are djing at Ankerklause, the old Kreuzberger “Stampe”. The Ankerklause is so normal it’s almost cool to go!

Muschi On Fire at Wilde Renate with quite line up man, Tom Clark, David Dorad, Dirty Doering and more in Friedrichshain / Treptow!

Blind Date Swinger’s Club is back after a longer while. See and be seen and don’t forget bringing your mixtape and your ID, kid!


Colourfreaks! Do you like screaming bright colours and do you think style should be as extravagant as it can be? Then go and find yourself in the colourful land of designer Tata Christiane and fotographer Daria Marchik and their Wear is Art exhibition. There are going to be performances by Posh The Prince (the one and only) who just returned from touring with Gaga, fashion by Tata and Daria, moreover fetish fashion designers and right there between these and other illustrous performances, the designs by Von Bardonitz!

Hm, when I started to announce little freaky parties taking place at Luzia here in this partyguide, it used to be a place only known by some people from Kreuzberg. How you develop from having freaky parties in a bar to a in-all-mouth tourist place number one within shortest time? Have a really nice place with a huge bar and get a doorman. Big Luzia birthday, south from Luzia, down there in Tempelhof. Why there? Because Luzia has become too small to celebrate its own birthday, take that!


James Blake is in town, playing a live concert at Berghain / Panorama Bar, hurry and get your ticket!

Visit the Sameheads for Polanski Disko at Richardstr. 10 in Neukölln. Roman Polanski won’t be there, thanks god, but perhaps other, less creepy people!

On your way back from Tempelhof but also if you never went there you could stop at Horst Kreuzberg to listen to the KeineMusik guys &Me, David Mayer, Reznik and Rampa, solid electronic music guaranteed!

Maybe you want to join the Scandinavian Disco and the Nordic By Nature girls at Roter Salon and listen to some Indie music? You’re supposed to dress all in white or was it in all white? However!

Demir & Seymen are celebrating a birthday and a record release at Tiki Tonga, Oranienstr. 39!

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