5 1/2 Questions for Markus Kavka

With the 6-part interview series “5 1/2 questions” we are officially launching a new format here on iHeartBerlin.de: The series. Between the articles of Claudio, Suz, Jens and myself you will from now on also find little sets of stories from different guest authors. Christine Neder, author of the book “90 Nights 90 Beds” is making the start with her 5 1/2 questions…

I first came across Markus Kafka a few years ago when he was an MTV presenter. This year, I had the honour of meeting him at the Leipzig book fair where we were both promoting our books. I tried my luck and asked him these 5 ½ questions. Read about his life as a jack of all trades after the jump.

1. I wrote my first book this year. During the writing process, I locked myself in my flat for six weeks in order to meet the deadline. Where did you write Rottenegg, your latest novel?

Most of the time I sat at my living room table. Unfortunately the table is a bit low and I got a sore back and bad posture. Normally I’m a master of procrastination but this time I was really disciplined and wrote every day from noon till evening. Often I had some last minute ideas before dropping off at night, so I used my mobile phone to take notes, too. After four months it was done!

2. TV presenter, author, journalist, DJ. Which job would you like to have next?

I like to have lots of different projects going on at the same time so I don’t get bored. Unfortunately, I don’t really have the time for all of them! I always wanted to be a professional football player, but I think it’s too late for that now.

3. You’re native Bavarian like me. I love Bavaria. How about you? If you had to choose Bavaria or Berlin, which would it be?

I am very glad to have had a protected childhood in Bavaria. I also like to visit but I know I could never live there again. It is too close-minded. After finishing school I moved to a big town and now I live in our capital city, Berlin. I plan on staying here as it is such an open-minded and diverse place. Everything is possible. Live and Let Live. That’s what I like about it.

4. Tell me about your last unforgettable night out.

Well, one of the things I love the most about Berlin is that most nights end up being unforgettable. My most recent unforgettable night was New Year’s Eve which I spent in London’s East End. That was a wild night of crazy fun!

5. Take this as a compliment: How do you keep so handsome and young-looking?

Thanks! To be honest, though, I have no idea. I don’t work out and I don’t eat particularly healthily either. Maybe partying regularly helps, who knows?

5 ½. Markus Kafka asked me: You’re from Schweinfurt, a small town in Bavaria. What do you think would be different if you did your “90 nights, 90 beds” project in Schweinfurt instead of Berlin? And how would be your hosts be different?

That’s two questions rather than half a question! 😉

I’ve looked it up. There are only 67 couchsurfing members in Schweinfurt. That’s the first problem. I also know Schweinfurt inside out and I think in Schweinfurt it would be difficult to find couchsurfers who live in vans or photographers who like SM and live with two women, for example. Also Schweinfurt has no Hindi temple. All of these things I’ve seen and experienced in Berlin. Here, everything is possible, whereas in Schweinfurt only some things are possible…

Interview: Christine Neder


Christine Neder - 90 Nächte 90 Betten

Christine Neder is a graduate fashion designer become journalist who made a name for herself as the ultimate couch surfer. For her book projekt 90 Nights 90 Beds she spent three months in Berlin sleeping in a different home every night. Apart from her book she also documents her experience in all those different homes on her blog. For iHeartBerlin.de she met such notable personalities as Markus Kavka and Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxes to ask them 5 1/2 questions…

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