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News or rather not, I here wanted to announce the new Bar 25 opening but it has now been postponed or maybe not or is it all part of a pr strategy in the end? Last week interested passengers had the chance to see me creeping around the piece of land where I once attented various open air parties and that is now surrounded by fences – that piece of land where the new Bar is supposed to open up soon. All my creeping and dirty trousers was in vain, I couldn’t make out anything and as I refuse to use the S – Bahn I will never get to see the state of the reconstruction works. But I will here announce other parties and venues (perhaps) worth visiting, right after the jump:


Noisey Launch party at Tape Club with Munk, Le Corps Mince De Francoise and Kraftclub. The series of events guiding the launch of Noisey, an international music platform, already started in New York in April and now gets bands to Berlin, London, Sao Paulo and Peking on the same day

Revolution No 5 again presents The Sick Girls at Chez Jacki and if that wasn’t enough there will be Creep and someone who’s name I refuse to spell. Chez Jacki is behind Maria Club, same entrance from the street, then sharp right!


The Sisyphos Open Air begins today but lasts until Sunday, no hassle. Inside and outside and everywhere outta there at Rummelburg!

Dfa Loftparty at Studio 44 in Klosterstr. in Mitte with Holy Ghost and Shit Robot live! Pre Sale via!

If you like it more private visit Wrong Era at Kleine Reise where Emil Doesn’t Drive, Sergio casariva and Philip Berg will help you dousing  into an era that time has forgot!

Or All That Glitters Im Trendbezirk at the Freudenzimmer with Maurice Catastrophe, Alexandre Pleitier and others and a special dance performance by Ena!


Street party and it’s for free (but don’t you dare going without at least a bit of social conscience). Reclaim Democracy is guiding the petition to stop the planned work on Kastanienalle that is supposed to widen the street. Of course by getting rid of the very old trees that once gave the Kastanienallee its name. Man, sign that paper plus there is nice music by Peaches, Bar 25 Pilocka and many more too!

The opening of a new disco called “What!?” is calling you to Karl – Liebknecht – Str. 11 where all – known Munk, successful G.I. Disco, Mitte – stonehenge Salto Mortale, Jack – in – all – trades Jack Tennis and others disco you to the climax!

Helloe Baerlin. The Distortion Festival from Copenhagen moves to Berlin for a weekend and gets together with Statttbad Wedding and Melt Booking in Stattbad Wedding and the backyards of Gerichtstr. 23 on the other side of the street opposite the Stattbad for a festival full of music, arts and live acts starting Saturday at noon with Capablanca and others for a get – together, various concerts and live acts on the Bad’s pool floor from 20.00 until 22.00 and a party from 22.00 until the next morning where a shuttle bus from Wilde Renate is waiting for you to bring you into Nimmerland!


LilaLaune Air, the open air with the Keine Musik guys was supposed to take place this weekend finally, I already enthusiastically announced it for last weekend. But now it has been postponed again, so watch this guide to know more.

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