The MINI Photo Box

One of the must-haves for people who come to Berlin is that little black and white strip of photos from one of those old fashioned photo automats that you find in certain hotspots in the city. I’m sure almost everyone of you has one, may it be from Warschauer Str., Kastanienallee or Bar25. But as these pseudo-vintage photos have become so overly popular, it’s time to go one step further. Think BIG! Imagine your automat photo being transmitted live to the biggest video billboard in Germany! How is that for a souvenir, huh? And on top of those few minutes of city-wide fame you even have the chance to win your favorite brand new MINI car. Intrigued? Then look after the jump to find out more.

From today on until May 29, 2011 you’ll have the chance to visit the MINI Photo Box at the corner of Kurfürstendamm and Joachimstaler Strasse (daily from 10-21h) to take your photo and have it transmitted to the giant video screen at the corner of the street. To take part in the raffle for winning a new MINI car you just have to choose your favorite model on the screen and pick one of the colorful headphones. If you win the car you will get customized side mirrors in the color of the headphones you chose.

For those who don’t have the chance to come by the MINI Photo Box personally, there is also a MINI Photo Box App on Facebook to regenerate the experience and take part in the raffle from every place in the world. We will be hanging around the photo box today from 18-20h taking photos. So come by for the ultimate inception-style photo inside a photo inside a videoscreen experience…

The MINI Photo Box

16.-29.05.2011, 10-21h

corner of Kurfürstendamm / Joachimstalerstrasse

10719 Berlin

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