Feeling so real!

There are rumours about a Moby gig at a secret place and I’d love to spread where that is, but will keep my mouth shut. I guess Moby isn’t that big to the youngsters anymore and at least I was disappointed when he went over to do this boring shit he did between 1998-2005 or what after doing the ever – amazing “Everything is wrong”! But you never know, he might turn into that 90s maniac again tomorrow! Oh I almost forgot, the Maria celebrates its last party this Satuday! Other parties this weekend after the jump:


Armer Donnerstag at Boecklerpark, ha that is where I once celebrated my 18th birthday. It didn’t involve badminton, pingpong and wine as it does here, but why not chill on a Thursday evening!

Berlin from it’s more underground side? Dive deep into Noisekölln, to Ziegrastraße to name it, where Strange Forces are working!

Today there is, as a teaser for the Melt Festival which will take place in July, the Melt Club Weekender at Astra with Jazzanova and Gold Panda and more. There is a presale, 22 Euro or directly at Astra tonight 25.


We feel so real, granny lessons with Moby Dick and more good stuff at Sta….erm sorry!

Henriette House featuring Retreat and Slow Motion Records at the Wilde Renate with Discodromo, Quarion, Franz Underwear and more!


There is an open air once again at K-Pax, called Schlaraffenland and it’s of course with entrance, not everything is for free you fool! It lasts until Sunday night and offers music by Alle Farben, Anatol Sirous, Mira and many more!

Trannytime! Thanks god, there are still parties at Friedrichshain i.e. Irrenhouse by Nina Queer at Geburtstagsclub am Friedrichshain, next to the park with popfloor and polysexual darkroom, well..!

Sweat Lodge Radio, something you should listen to if you haven’t already has a night at Soju Bar this Saturday with Elie Eidelmann playing!

Melt Club Weekender tonight at Astra with Who Made Who and Azari!

The Udk bachelors celebrate a Finale Escalation at Backyard and it is for sure going to be wet wet wet. There is a  Barbeque before, you should come early to avoid queing!


SuperYou Open Air behind the Freischwimmer, god knows where exactly, but Adam Port will surely find a place to play as will Oliver Koletzki who is inviting to this stepdance in Kreuzberg on a hopefully sunny afternoon!

Sunshine and Health Open Air at Volkspark Hasenheide will bring you laughter and joy. With Stassy from Techno Taverna and more!

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