5 1/2 Questions for Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis

I met Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis at ZEITMAGAZIN, where we both currently and have been spending many lunchtimes together, munching on sushi and chatting about life. It was therefore no surprise but nevertheless delightful to hear, that she will answer my 5 ½ questions. Read the interview after the jump.

1. Jürgen Teller, the artist Keith Tyson and designer Giambatista Valli are some of your close friends. Are there still people you would love to meet because they fill you with enthusiasm?

Countless! That is one of the reason I love my job (and my life.) It is a privilege to get to know people who get things moving. It doesn’t matter whether they are prominent or not.

2. You came directly from London to Berlin and you are pretty new here. How would you describe your first impressions, aside from your observation that people on Friedrichstrasse dress boringly and everyone eats loads of doughy carbs?

Hahahah, that makes me sound like a pathetic New Yorker! Generally I thing people dress great in Berlin! In my first few days I when I went to the a Sterling Ruby Vernissage at Sprueth Magers Gallery (great show btw) and then an afterparty at the PanAm Lounge. I saw some strong looks walking around, laid-back and individual yet bloody stylish. I love it here. Besides Berlin seems to be full of cute guys. I’m impressed.

3. “Reality tells the craziest stories. You only have to observe everything and write it down”, you told me the other day. I absolutely agree. What was your latest crazy story?

The other day my friend, the artist Cyprien Gaillard showed me his latest work, a temple made out of beer crates which he designed for the KunstWerke. For the past few weeks people have been climbing up the installation, drinking beers, stealing bottles and trashing the place. We sad in front of the scultpture on crates amongst smashed glass and on top of the sculpture some crazy Spaniards were chucking beer bottles across the room and against the wall while an middle-aged woman took pictures. I dont usually sit in a gallery amongst beer bottle tossing freaks but that day it felt normal bit thinking about it, kinda surreal, no?

4. Have you ever been to a party where you knew no one?

Of course! I have moved around so much, its only natural being amongst new faces a lot of the time. These days I usually take a friend along to events and parties but if everyone is busy I go by myself. I prefer that then not going at all. Plus, rarely do I end up not knowing anyone these days.

5. How does your dream bed look like?

Wonderful question: it has to be very big, at least queen-size but king-size is even better. I like to sleep vertically sometimes. White bed linen, a hard mattress and a lot pillows are a must.

5½. Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis ask me: Does everybody answer as detailed as me?

Yes. You are only average in the length of your answers 😉


Interview: Christine Neder


Christine Neder - 90 Nächte 90 Betten

Christine Neder is a graduate fashion designer become journalist who made a name for herself as the ultimate couch surfer. For her book projekt 90 Nights 90 Beds she spent three months in Berlin sleeping in a different home every night. Apart from her book she also documents her experience in all those different homes on her blog. For iHeartBerlin.de she met such notable personalities as Markus Kavka and Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxes to ask them 5 1/2 questions…

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