The Lost Explorer by Tim Walker

Lost Explorer - Tim Walker

photos: The Lost Explorer by Tim Walker, published by teNeues

Fashion photographer Tim Walker recently shot his first short movie The Lost Explorer. The movie has not yet been released in Germany, but a recently published book gives insight into this exiting project. Read more about it after the jump.

Most fashion photography is really boring: women with too much make up in front of grey studio canvas. This concept has not changed for decades. Additionally, there is the predominant aesthetic of Terry Richardson. His pictures are all over the place, he is in VICE and in VOGUE, and there is uncountable number of epigones copycatting his style.

After all, there are only very few really interesting fashion photographers, who create something original and who know how to use the means of the fashion industry for their own good. Helmut Newton was one of them. Today, it is first and foremost British photographer Tim Walker.

His pictures go far beyond conventional fashion photography. Tim Walker creates a magical, dreamy ferry tale word, which is absolute unique. His ideas are quite unique; at least I can think of no other photographer who spends hours putting beds and dresses in a tree in order to take fashion pictures. Tim Walker does not only enchants his subjects, he also enchants the spectator.

Now Tim Walker embarked on new frontiers and shot his first short movie: “The Lost Explorer”, after a short story by Patrick McGrath.

Unfortunately the movie has not been published in Germany yet. At least there is an interesting new book – published at teNeues Verlag, which gives insight in this exiting projects. This beautiful edition consists of numerous pictures from the movie, and it also contains the short story, on which the movie is based.

The story is about Evelyn, a new kind of „Alice“, who just like the Carroll character discovers something in her London garden. This time, it is not a rabbit whole, but the lost explorer: a scientist lost in time. Secretly she nurses the man who is suffering from Malaria until the story takes an unexpected turn. After all, “The Lost Explorer” is an enchanting, but also irritating modern fairy tale.


If you look at the pictures in this book, you realize quite quickly that Tim Walker’s movie debut is as fascinating and extravagantly as his fashion shoots. And we also get to see unknown side of Tim Walker, which is bizarre, dark and irritating.

Let’s only hope that the movie will be published in Germany pretty soon!

Tim Walker „The Lost Explorer. A short story by Patrick McGrath“, 64 pages, 47 pictures, teNeues Verlag, 39,90 €

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