5 1/2 Questions for the Chanel guard

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I took part in a fashion photo shoot last month. Throughout the day I noticed a muscular man sitting with a box observing the photo shoot. I started chatting to him and it turned out he was a Chanel security man. He travels every day from Paris to photo shoots or clients all over the world to safely escort jewellery to its destination. Unbelievable but true. Read his answers to my 5 1/2 questions after the jump.

1. Do you like your job? Travelling around the world every day with jewellery worth more than a semi-detached house?

I love it. There is no routine in my job. I never know where I will be in three days and which beautiful country and town I will get to see next. I’m certainly never stuck in a boring office job!

2. Did you have to have any special education or training for your job? You carry jewellery with you, which is unbelievably expensive. I can imagine that could be dangerous sometimes.

Every two years my company sends me on a one-month workshop. There they teach us security things for example how to carry the pieces in a safe way. Six years ago, we wore the jewellery on our body. Back then it was worth more than our lives. Now, luckily things have changed and our life is worth more than the jewellery.

3. Is it true that you carry the jewellery in a garbage bag?

No, Chanel is never in a garbage bag. I carry the pieces in my normal handbag. But I have colleagues who do that to give the impression that they’re carrying nothing important with them.

4. Have you ever been in a dangerous situation?

No. Sometimes you have a few problems with customs but I was never attacked or anything like that.

5. You told me that the bracelet you are carrying with you was worn by Julia Roberts once and that you often work for private clients. Who was the most interesting person you met?

The person I was really impressed by was Julia Roberts. I meet so many wives of presidents, stars, actresses and singers like Madonna but I wasn’t so impressed by them.
Three months ago I had to bring this bracelet to Julia Roberts. We waited all day with the press at reception to give her the jewellery but she didn’t show up. We came back the following day, went through loads of security until we got to her room. That was unbelievable. When I saw her I could feel so much positive energy radiating from her. That was really impressive. Especially because you have to stay three meters away from her! When she spoke she was really sweet.

5.½ The Chanel security guard asked me: Are you German? You look Swedish!

Yes, I am German. But thank you, I’ll take that as a compliment 😉

Interview: Christine Neder


Christine Neder - 90 Nächte 90 Betten

Christine Neder is a graduate fashion designer become journalist who made a name for herself as the ultimate couch surfer. For her book projekt 90 Nights 90 Beds she spent three months in Berlin sleeping in a different home every night. Apart from her book she also documents her experience in all those different homes on her blog. For iHeartBerlin.de she met such notable personalities as Markus Kavka and Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxes to ask them 5 1/2 questions…

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