Designer Scouts at Achteinhalb Photos

Moga E Mago - Designer Scouts at Achteinhalb

Moga e Mago – photo by Katja Henschtel

Wow, Fashion Week is over. It was a hell of a lot of work and stress, but it was also an amazing, exciting experience once more. On Wednesday we started right away with one of our big events with our Designer Scouts project. The Grand Opening at Achteinhalb with fashion presentations by Von Bardonitz, Moga E Mago, Umali and Twenty(2)too as well as a video installation by Franzius was a big hit. We were stunned at how many people came by during the night and we are really proud at how amazing all the collections and installations came out. Sadly, we couldn’t use our flower runway outside due to the unexpected rain that came up. But that wasn’t even so bad because inside we were treated with lovely finger food, mini flower cupcakes and the delicious Martini Royale drink. After the jump you will find some impressions of the preparations and the after party by me, and of the actual show by Katja Hentschel.

Preparations & Backstage:

[flickrset id=”72157627035433387 ” thumbnail=”original”]

Fashion Presentation photos by Katja Hentschel:

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You can find more photos of the fashion presentation over at Designer Scouts.

After Party photos on page 2!

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